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Emergency Zone


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When  disaster strikes it is vital to keep your family safe and protected, so why should this not be the case for your furry little loved ones. Cats need BOTH their physical and emotional needs met. In this kit there are food, water, first aid, shelter, sanitation, some comfort items, and tools to make your life easier. Now your cat can be better cared for and protected when an emergency arises.


  • NO ONE LEFT BEHIND: Our cats are more than just animals, they are family. Most people know they should have an emergency survival kit for themselves, but when a disaster strikes what about your furry family member? Make sure you are prepared to protect EVERYONE in your family. Get your cat emergency kit today.
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: A good deal of human food is poisonous to cats, and access to water can be very limited during a disaster. In this kit, you will get food, water, an emergency blanket, and many other items to help meet your cat’s physical needs. This pet emergency kit can help you do that!
  • SECURITY: Unlike other pet survival kit, this cat survival kit will give will have things to distract your cat can help put them at ease in an unfamiliar environment, so that is why toys and a blanket are included in this kit.
  • CONVENIENCE: Instead of running around trying to gather what you can for your furry little loved one, we have conveniently complied the essentials that your cat will need in an emergency. There is even a carrier in this cat survival kit for your loved furry friend to help bugging out be a breeze.
  • FIRST AID GUIDE BOOK: The big that sets this cat emergency kit aside from other pet emergency kits is the pet guide book. In it you will find useful information about additional items you may want to add to this kit, basic first aid in case you need to treat an injury, and how to create an emergency plan.

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