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Augason Farms 1-Year 4-Person Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

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This 1 Year 4 Person Emergency Food Supply checks off virtually all of the grocery-list items you could need…or want…to have on hand in an emergency. Fruits, vegetables, meats, proteins, wheats, grains, dairy, eggs, breads and baking staples, plus Mexican food, pizza, Italian pasta dishes and an incredible Turkey Feast are just a few of the nutritious and delicious foods you will have at your fingertips in the event of a long term emergency. Who said emergency food storage has to be boring?

Personally compiled by Augason Farm’s president, Mark Augason, this kit is his vision of the ultimate survival food supply for a complete year. Your family will enjoy tremendous variation, flavor, convenience and emergency food safety without stepping foot in the grocery store.

  • 100 varieties of food mean meals are never boring and repetitive
  • Enjoy the best tasting and highest quality emergency food on the market
  • Meals such as entrées, breads, desserts are prepared simply by adding water and simmering or baking
  • Ingredients such as freeze dried vegetables, fruits and meats can be used in your favorite recipes or enjoyed as snacks.
  • Calories per day far exceed daily requirements for daily, emergency-free life
  • Food is so tasty and easy to prepare you’ll want to (and you will!) pilfer your food storage for every day meal prep
  • Plenty of vegetarian meat substitutes and gluten free meals are included, so you’re covered there
  • 1 year emergency food supply includes 544 large cans of food, providing endless recipe possibilities
  • Specialty pails provide unexpected emergency-food flavors with meal favorites from Pasta and Pizza to Turkey and Fiesta feasts
  • Bulk pails of Buttermilk Pancake Mix and gluten free Black Bean Burger Mix provide not only pancakes and burgers, but also dozens of surprising meal options from Churro’s to Meatloaf
  • When emergencies require evacuation, grab-n-go emergency kits—72 hour and 30 day durations—keep you well-nourished until you’re able to return home
  • Water storage and filtration system ensures you have safe, potable water for drinking, cleaning, cooking and sanitation

What's Included

    • (1) 1 Year Emergency Supply (4 Person)
    • (1) Turkey Feast Kit
    • (1) Fiesta Kit
    • (1) Italian Kit
    • (1) Cheesy Pizza Kit
    • (1) Buttermilk Pancake Mix
    • (1) Black Bean Burger Mix (Certified Gluten Free)
    • (4) Deluxe 30 Day Emergency Food Pails (1 Person)
    • (1) 72 Hour Emergency Food Pail with Gear (1 Person)
    • (3) 55 Gallon Water Barrels
    • (1) Water Filtration and Pump Kit
1 Year Food Supply Kit (1 Person):
Total #10 Cans: 544
Total Food Varieties: 64
Total Calories: 2,869,865
Total Servings: 32,464
Specialty Pails:
(1) Turkey Feast Kit
(1) Fiesta Kit
(1) Italian Kit
(1) Cheesy Pizza Kit
Total Food Varieties: 23
Total Calories: 47,610
Total Servings: 383
Bulk Pails:
(1) Buttermilk Pancake Mix
(1) Black Bean Burger Mix (Certified Gluten Free)
Total Food Varieties: 2
Total Calories: 52,610
Total Servings: 382
Grab-n-Go Emergency Kits:
(4) Deluxe 30 Day Emergency Food Pail (1 Person)
(1) 72 Hour Emergency Food Pail with Survival Gear (1 Person)
Total Food Varieties: 11
Total Calories: 154,080
Total Servings: 842
Total Survival Gear: 9
Water Storage & Filtration:
(3) 55 Gallon Water Barrel
(2) Water Treatment Drops
(1) 6 Foot Syphon Hose
(1) Hand Pump
(1) Barrel Lid Opener

Nutrition Information and Facts

Total Calories: 3,124,064
Average Calories Per Day: 2,140
Total Servings: 34,071
Servings Per Day: 23
Total Food Varieties: 100
Total Gear Components: 9
Total Water Capacity: 165 gallons

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