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Augason Farms Breakfast Outdoor 3-Pack

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Easy, delicious and on-the-go are perfect ways to describe this Breakfast Outdoor 3 pack. Whether you are hiking, camping or out enjoying nature, this Breakfast Outdoor Pack will provide you with scrumptious breakfast options and delicious snacks. Augason Farms has created quality breakfast meals with the use of nutritious ingredients including granola, nuts and freeze dried foods like sliced strawberries and scrambled eggs. Simply add milk to create a delicious breakfast or open a pouch of sliced strawberries or granola for a quick and easy snack

Dried Scrambled Egg Mix – Certified Gluten Free

Augason Farms Dried Scrambled Egg Mix is a great tasting, high quality item for your emergency storage and everyday needs. This scrambled egg mix is a special blend of whole eggs and other quality products, perfected to cook up like fresh scrambled eggs by simply adding water. No refrigeration is required, making them great for camping, as well as everyday use and long term storage.

Super Nutty Granola

Augason Farms Super Nutty Granola has just the right amount of yummy sweetness and chewy crunchiness. Use it as an everyday, rewarding snack, as well as for food storage. Pour it in a bowl and add a little milk for a superb breakfast cereal. Use it as a base for building a down-to-earth trail mix or for making cookies or muffins. Practical and rewarding, this granola is great for everyday use as well as for long term food storage.

Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries – Certified Gluten Free

Naturally sweet, these strawberries can be reconstituted and used in any recipe that calls for fresh strawberries—they’re that good. Perfect straight from the can as a delicious way to get your daily Vitamin C.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Includes Qty Servings
Dried Scrambled Egg Mix 1 92
Super Nutty Granola 1 24
Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries 1 18
Total Quantity: 3 Cans
Total Servings: 134
Total Calories: 12,150
Container Size: No. 10 can with lid
Shelf Life: Up to 30 years*

*Shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years when unopened based on individual products. Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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Prop.65 Warning for California Residents

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