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Augason Farms International Entrée Bundle 4-Gallon Pails

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Who says food storage has to be boring? This Entrée Bundle is anything but. From Mexican Food to Italian, you’ll enjoy flavor-packed meals such as enchiladas, breakfast burritos, pizza, and even an all-inclusive turkey feast. Kits include favorite go-to comfort foods that are perfect for everyday use or long term food storage. But, they’re so full of flavor and variety you may find it difficult to wait for an emergency. Meals are super easy to prepare and can be personalized to your family’s taste in endless ways.

Augason Farms Cheesy Pizza Kit       

Augason Farms Cheesy Pizza Kit comes complete with pizza crust mix, sauce mix and freeze dried mozzarella cheese – it’s the perfect answer to all your pizza cravings. Great to eat and easy to prepare straight out of the bucket or toss on some additional pizza-topping favorites and build your own. Makes 12 10-inch pizzas.

Qty (Pouches)
Pizza Crust
Pizza Sauce
Shredded Mozzarella

Augason Farms Fiesta Kit

Augason Farms Fiesta Pail has all the fixin’s to prepare over 100 delicious Mexican food favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner not to mention several amazing appetizers. Simply mix and match the ingredients using your unique culinary spin and your options are endless. 

Cheese Sauce (1 pouch/8 servings)
Fajita Seasoning (1 pouch/8 servings)
Freeze-dried Chicken (1 pouch/8 servings)
Enchilada Sauce (1 pouch/16 servings)
Refried Beans (2 pouches/8 servings)
Salsa (1 pouch/32 servings)
Shredded Colby Cheese (1 pouch/16 Servings)
Spanish Rice (1 pouch/8 servings)
Taco-Flavored Vegetarian Meat Substitute (1 pouch/8 servings)
Corn Chips (1 pouch/16 servings)
Tortillas (3 pouches/16 servings)
Scrambled Eggs with Imitation Bacon Flavored Bits (1 pouch/12 servings)

Augason Farms Italian Kit       

If you enjoy Italian food on a regular basis, you’ll love Augason Farms Italian Variety Kit in an emergency. Italian food is a favorite go-to comfort food that’s perfect for everyday use or long term food storage. 


Pizza and Breadstick Dough (6 pouches/8 servings)

Elbow Macaroni (2 pouches/7.5 servings)
Cheese Powder (1 pouch/15 servings)
Pizza Cheese Mozzarella (3 pouches/8 servings)
Italiano Marinara (3 pouches/4 servings)
Pizza Sauce (3 pouches/8 servings)
Fettuccine Alfredo (3 pouches/4 servings)

Augason Farms Turkey Feast Kit

Augason Farm’s Turkey Feast Pail is loaded with down-home-cooking flavor. It comes complete with everything a feast should boast—from savory potatoes and gravy to warm, fresh-baked rolls—you’ll enjoy this delicious comfort food no matter the season. 


Green Bean Casserole (1 pouch/8 servings)
Mash Potatoes (1 pouch/8 servings)
Turkey Gravy (1 pouch/10 servings)
Freeze-Dried Turkey (1 pouch/8 servings)
Pumpkin Pie Mousse (1 pouch/8 servings)
Seasoned Stuffing (1 pouch/12 servings)
Honey White Bread, Scone & Roll Mix (1 pouch/8 servings)

Total Quantity:  4 pails         
Total Servings:  383              
Total Calories:  47,110         
Container Size:  4-gallon pails with handles  
Shelf Life:  Up to 30 years*

*Shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years based on food type. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. 

* Shipping charges are subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply.

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